The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 38

Room for the Holy Spirit

Episode 38: Room for the Holy Spirit (48:01)

Featuring the joys of PS3 for a non-gamer (our very own “Announcer Guy,” filling in for an absentee Sooch), Unreal Tournament III & its perilous user-created content, Gamerscore crimes and misdemeanors, Crisis Core, Ninja Gaiden DS, Vegas 2, and . . . Tales from the Mormon Youth Dance?

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24 Responses to “The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 38”

  1. SSOOCH says:

    Only 13? That’s prime time Baby!!

  2. Meldlm says:

    LOL….Tales from the Mormon Youth Dance for the WIN!

  3. Thrillhouse17 says:

    I’m sorry, but I simply cannot let some comments go by unscrutinized.

    Mr. Hands, just a “barnyard snuff film”? Reducing this piece of motion picture art, and labeling it with this oversimplified tag, especially one that carries such negative connotations, is an injustice. You clearly fail to understand the complex love/hate relationship, the pain a person is willing to endure for his one true love. I pity you, for you sir, are a robot.

    I must have missed the punchline in your Mormon Youth Dance story. She’s 13? Talk about ungrateful, she still had 3 good years left in her.

  4. hsk says:

    Well done. I wish there was a place that people could discuss this podcast and other topics.

    I wish.

  5. Silent G says:

    I will install a forum soon. Sounds like I should have done it a long time ago.

  6. TheKing says:

    Silent G is a slacker. We need a 17 year old webmaster with delusions of grandeur to take his place so things get done around here. And it would be a lot classier if you guys used your real names. Sooooch, Silent G, Announcer Guy? None of these are befitting the positions of superiority and power that you have been granted. If you don’t want to use your real names, I have some real sounding names you can use. Keith Stevens, Chris Graeff, Steve Stifano. That should do. K Thx

  7. Godzuki says:

    I call dibs on PlyrzLando420!

  8. TheKing says:

    Is WookieRage already taken? How about Jewbacca?

  9. Godzuki says:

    Mik, you ever need amazing stripper stories and your boys on a leave of absence… call me. Also, wine – faggot shit – word.

  10. Jason says:

    First, the announcer needs to start with something simple, like Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4. Let him ease into it and work hm up to the level of Dr. MArio or Tetris. As referenced by “TheKing” If the guys are going to use different names, they should be sweet names ala porn star names. Examples…..Rod Wood, Michael Samples, Bobby Canyon, Victor Slams, Foster Funkenstein,

  11. I can’t rage on your forums if you don’t have any forums yet. WTF.

    Also, I’m working on a blog post right now that will be pimping you sluts. Keep an eye on it in an hour or so. I think clicking my name should bring you to it. I’ve been getting a buttload of traffic lately* so prepare yourselves for total internet domination!

    *By buttload I mean a few hundred people.

  12. mik says:

    our butt is ready for your load.

  13. ElvisTCB says:

    Hi. My name is Coy, and I am an alcoholic.

  14. LeFiffre says:

    The dance. Best ever.

  15. LeFiffre says:

    @ TheKing.

    Ever seen Silent G?

    He IS seventeen.

  16. SSOOCH says:

    If Legolas and Link had a love child….Silent G would be their love child. So Angelic and Beautiful. Someday I’m going to rape him.

  17. ScubaSteve says:

    Is this where we sign up for Madden cards?

  18. TacoKid says:

    Michael Samples for the win!

  19. junky says:

    LoL @ Steve Stifano

  20. Good stuff like usual guys. Still waiting on the new podcast. What the fuck am I supposed to listen to? My own podcast? Keep up the good work!
    That morman dance story cracked me up. 13? Nice. Haha.

    Keep on keepin’ on guys


  21. [...] It’s birthday time here at Platform Nation and this time it is Mike’s, aka Mik, birthday. Most of you that have been here with Platform Nation know Mik, he has been apart of our community for several years now, since the XBL Radio days. All these amazing graphics you see here on Platform Nation, Mik made them, he is a huge part of Platform Nation. He doesn’t just help us out on the graphics though, Mik is also an educator, through his show that is over on and though our forums I have learned many new things, like sounding nor would I have ever heard any of the “Tales from the Mormon Youth Dance“. [...]

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