Three Red Rings, One Low Price

Ass-kissing for the win!

Looking to dip your toe into the shark-infested waters of 360 hardware? Already have a 360, but you want to roll, Sooch-style, with a console for every room of the house? Well, here’s your chance to win one in what has to be the easiest contest on the ‘net.

All you have to do is tap out a brief forum post (minimum 100 words) explaining your irrational—but completely platonic—love for Platform Nation. That’s it. All the entries will be judged by head honcho, Steve519, who will base his decision on equal parts creativity and spelling (no comment on grammar, so maybe no have be good long as right spelling make). The winner scores a brand-spankin’-new Xbox 360. And one runner-up will receive a Halo 2 Collector’s Edition, signed by the band Incubus. Plus—The Fanboys will be awarding a very special, as-yet-unnamed prize (but better than Undertow, for fuck’s sake) for outstanding use of the word “defenestration.”

Make your post here.

Good luck!

2 Responses to “Three Red Rings, One Low Price”

  1. Steve519 says:

    HA, what a great read and a great picture, thanks for helping spread the word

  2. nice post guys! way to use the “more” button.. thanks.

    small correction though: Pretty sure it is a Halo 2 Collector’s edition or maybe it was steve that mis-typed?? what was that about spelling! oh this would be a grammar error so no

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